Three must-ask questions for the real estate agent you’re interviewing.

Today I’m talking about the three things a buyer or seller needs to ask an agent when they’re interviewing them:

  1. How much experience have you had? You want to know how many homes they’ve closed because experience matters. The more situations that the agent has experienced, the more likely they are to have a solution.
  2. Are you a team or an individual agent? Make sure you know who you’ll be communicating with throughout the process.
  3. Will they give you timely feedback on urgent issues? For example, you want to know how a showing went right away and know about any inspection issues. A Realtor who communicates with you saying they don’t know yet is better than silence…

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The crazy state of the market in Charleston, South Carolina.

Today I'm talking about how crazy the market is in Charleston, South Carolina, and on the islands.

When you hear that prices are going up and that there's low inventory, that is really happening. The supply and demand are driving the prices up right now so if you have any interest in selling your house, now is a wonderful time to do so. We have more buyers looking now than we ever have.

Charleston is a wonderful place to be, and the beaches are a great place for a second home. We're seeing more sales but we have very few homes on the market. In the Wild Dunes area, we only have six properties. As soon as something comes on the MLS, it gets multiple offers.

If you're…

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Four reasons you should consider moving to Wild Dunes or the Isle of Palms.

Today I’m sharing the four main reasons why I love Wild Dunes and the Isle of Palms and why you should consider moving here:

1. It’s beautiful. You come over the connector and see marshes on one side, the ocean straight ahead, and that’s the essence of Wild Dunes and the Isle of Palms; everywhere you look there’s beauty.

2. There’s a lot to do. The Isle of Palms has great restaurants, and Wild Dunes has a new hotel with a rooftop bar, and you can see all the way to Sullivan’s Island.

3. They’re close to shops. You can go back over the bridge to Mt. Pleasant or drive 10 to 15 minutes more to downtown Charleston.

"Everywhere you look there’s beauty."

4. The…

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Here’s what you need to know about selling in our market right now.


If you’re a seller in our current real estate market, you may have heard that you can price your home however you like and it’ll sell in a day, and there’s nothing out there for sale so a buyer will pay whatever you ask. However, that’s simply not true. Buyers still won’t overpay for a house. 

The way to make the most money from your sale is if you price your home competitively so you start a bidding war, which means several people are trying to buy it at the same time, and that drives up the price. Have your real estate agent look at recent comparables to price your home; our market is changing so fast that you don’t want them to look at sales from three months ago. The…

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